Sunday, May 08, 2005

Trocadero Park

I haven't talked too much about the fact that the kids have had the last two weeks off from school (school starts again tomorrow!). This week, we've been pretty exhausted from our trip last week to Egypt and haven't done a whole lot.

One day we stayed home all day and finally got up the energy to go out after dinner for a little walk to Trocadero Park. It stays light until 9pm now and the kids wanted to play in the park and then get some dessert... my son: a nutella crepe and my daughter: a vanilla ice cream cone.

After they played in the park and ate their desserts they explored the Trocadero fountain area. I took a picture of them climbing on the statues near the fountains. They were having so much fun together!

Happy Mother's Day to all in the US!

-- said Auntie M in Paris
6:34 PM



Happy Mother's Day Auntie M!

# posted by BohemianMama : 7:54 PM  

Happy Mother's Day! Thanks for sharing your life as a Paris mom...do they have an equivalent to Mother's Day in France? Is this just an Amerikanski 'make-money' holiday?

# posted by Madame Tut : 9:42 PM  

Hey Auntie M. I'm a New Yorker in Paris for 4 months with my husband and three children and i've been reading your blog for ideas and inspiration. It's really fantastic and helpful. I can't tell you how often we coincidentally end up in or around the same places as you - it's uncanny! Anyway,I wanted to thank you in particular for your Egypt blog as we planned our own trip to Egypt months ago for next week and after the bombings, we were reconsidering. However, after reading about your experience there, we've decided to go ahead. Thanks for the inspiration and happy (American) Mother's Day.

# posted by Anonymous : 10:06 PM  

BM, Thanks! I'm here with my in-laws while my husband is in Casablanca.
Madame Tut, Thanks for commenting. There is a mother's day here. This year it is held on May 29. Usually the kids draw a picture and write a poem at school to give to their mothers.
Mismel66, Glad to hear from you. How interesting that you are here for four months. Sounds like you are keeping busy .. with a trip to Egypt. Have a great time.

# posted by Auntie M in Paris : 10:14 PM  

What a great picture!!

Happy Mother's Day to you!!

I just stumbled upon your blog, and have enjoyed my visit! I will be back!

# posted by Christine : 10:15 PM  

Happy Mother's Day!

# posted by Oz : 11:57 PM  

Hope you had a great Mother's Day, Auntie! And what a nice gift you got, your kids playing together! ;-) I noticed that sometimes that seems to be appreciated by mothers more than any material possessions.

Though cards and gifts never hurt, do they? haha

# posted by Joe : 3:29 AM  

What a great photo! Your children will have wonderful memories when they grow up.

# posted by kenju : 4:46 AM  

happy mother's day to you!

# posted by irene : 7:13 AM  

Happy Mother's Day, Auntie M

# posted by AnP : 5:23 PM  

Paris seems like lots of fun for kids, contrary to what people are always telling me. I often wish we lived in a bigger city. Seems fun. Oh and Happy Mother's Day to you too Auntie M!

# posted by chrisc : 5:27 PM  

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