Saturday, July 30, 2005


I remember that my mother always had Paul Masson Rose in our refrigerator. She would drink it throughout the year. It was her drink with dinner. I had an occasional taste and liked it enough. That was more than 20 years ago.

Years have gone by with no mention of Rose. It's always "white or red" with dinner. But a few weeks ago when I walked into the wine chain store Nicolas, I asked them for a bottle of wine to bring to a girlfriend's house. Imagine my surprise when a light Rose was recommended. I gave monsieur a look. Rose? I'm forever making faux pas in Paris (hey my mother drank Paul Masson Rose, 'nuff said) and I didn't want to bring a bottle of wine that would be looked down upon. The vendeur assured me that Rose has begun a new life.

Shortly after that experience, I began to see Rose all over the place -- in stores, at friend's houses, at restaurants... while it has always been a perfectly acceptable summer drink in France, it's now the new summer drink... light and refreshing and not too expensive.

What about where you live? Has Rose truly made a comeback?

-- said Auntie M in Paris
11:10 AM



wow! i'll have to start recommending it to my customers - they're always sending gifts to people.

and what a lovely display!

# posted by mai : 2:08 PM  

The first thing I noticed in the pic was the lovely display. Eye-catching. But no, as far as I have seen and read, not a alot of hoopla over rose but! perhaps it is like fashion - a season may pass before it appears?! Enjoy the rose.

Nicolas is pretty good in terms of recommendations I think. We bought some reds back in '02 and jsut drank one last month - very good recommendation by the "vendeur". Thanks for the post Auntie - Terry in SF

# posted by Anonymous : 2:37 PM  

Amongst the people I know Rosé is considered a pleasant drink, chilled on a hot day.

# posted by Anji : 3:45 PM  

Yes--Rose is now popular where I live, too, especially with the younger crowd who's not so crazy for regular red and white wines.

I still have yet to try it, but I'm eager to see if I enjoy it (normally I don't like wine much).

# posted by daintee : 7:04 PM  

Right you are, as usual, Auntie! Rose is in renaissance in California and it is fun to see the re-naming that has gone on. Hmmm, maybe I should change my name to Brittany? ;>) Anyway, I think that rose is the perfect summertime wine, too. And I suppose that it is entirely possible that roses have improved over the years -- though I drank plenty of the same stuff as your Mom "in the day"!

# posted by Marilyn, The Ingredient Sleuth : 7:51 PM  

As a nascent wine drinker in the United States, I quickly developed a taste for deep, oaky reds and the driest of whites -- and must confess that rosé (or blush, as many of my American friends called it) always seemed to be the choice for people that weren't all too serious about their wine. Those American blushes, Sutter Home's White Zinfadel being the stock favorite, always seemed so sweet and impossible to really pair with anything.

I've been in France two years now, and am being proven wrong on a daily basis. The rosé offers something refreshing and sophisticated, and actually stands quite strongly on its own. We 're-discovered' it down in Provence earlier in the year, and are definitely reaping the benefits of the waves of rosé that are being pushed at the wine caves. Great stuff.

Shall I admit here and now that we actually bought a bottle of 'pink' champagne just the other day? Never saw that one coming. The result? Surprisingly good!

# posted by Chad in Montmartre : 10:50 PM  

auntie,,,where are you????

did you post on the plane back home? was thrilled to pieces to see a post with july 30 as date..

oh auntie, you must continue...tell us what is happening...tell us some unbievable moving stories...tell us the kids first words when you got in a CAR to go to the grocery...

# posted by sherilynn : 3:14 AM  

oh i remember that, i enjoyed a few of those w/me auntie. now it disappeared and will have to check the local md stores as i haven't seen it in ages say 17-20 years :)

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