Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Nom de la Rose

Flowers shops are everywhere in Paris. One of my favorite places is Au Nom de la Rose. The store is unmistakable because they sell only roses and they throw rose petals on the ground in front of their store.

Nom de la Rose is a chain flower shop in Paris. They are all over the place, and aside from the petals on the ground, they have lovely displays. Over the years, when people came for dinner I would receive one of these beautiful bouquets.

You'd think with a middle name "Rose," I would receive more roses than I do.... hint, hint...

Happy Birthday to my husband!

-- said Auntie M in Paris
3:02 PM



There is something really nice about your picture taking Auntie - these rose pics show a good example. Wow I thought, such gorgeous flower hues. Did you save/dry your hostess bouquets? Terry in SF

# posted by Anonymous : 4:42 PM  

I remember going there a few times while in Paris. I bought a couple of rose print scarves for myself and my mother. I kept mine wraped in the tissue they wrapped it in and the smell of roses just from the fresh roses in the shop stayed for the longest time! I loved that little shop, I recommend anyone who goes to Paris to visit it. The smell of roses stays with you.

# posted by Anonymous : 5:28 AM  

Beautiful! I have a pretty shot of the Marais store, taken this past February: http://www.flickr.com/photos/20876447@N00/27684065/in/set-626275/

# posted by Janet : 5:49 AM  

Ooops- a Happy Birthday wish to your sweetie. Terry in SF

# posted by Anonymous : 4:45 PM  

Oh how wonderful those roses are and to think the shops are real. I like it, I like it = ). Thanks for sharing that. Its like something out of a novel!

# posted by Maggie Ann : 10:50 PM  

What gorgeous photos.... The bouquets are simply stunning.

# posted by Melody : 3:45 AM  

So how much are the roses?

# posted by Philip : 4:47 AM  

Your pictures of the roses inspire me. My many rose bushes look so dry and "crispy" in this summer heat in Texas.
Roses are so lovely and always make me feel so happy.
How I wish we had such wonderful little shops here.

# posted by Patty : 3:49 PM  

Happy Birthday M, from the few left in Paris!
M D C & N

# posted by Anonymous : 10:09 PM  

Such beautiful pictures!

# posted by Josie : 7:35 AM  

Beautiful post - and right up my alley, since I am a wedding florist. Thanks for posting the pictures; they are beautiful!

# posted by kenju : 5:06 PM  

What beautiful flowers!!! WOW.. so nice.


# posted by Peterpans Gurl : 1:54 AM  

Wonderful Paris...thanks for this online vacation! Keep the photos coming...=^..^=

# posted by Lyn : 2:42 PM  

i wonder, how much are roses in paris? b/c they're usually pretty expensive in the U.S., a dozen big ones like in the picture sell for $20-25 where i live (new york, not NYC though). anyway, i was curious. :-)

# posted by Anonymous : 6:31 PM  

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