Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Hello. I'm been thinking of all of you. I just wanted to let you know that the move went well and I'm getting along alright. Of course, there is so much to do. I wanted to continue the Paris blog for another week or so of content. However, my pictures really didn't make it. I seemed to have packed the picture software in the shipping freight, which takes 6 weeks to get here. I think I will still write some more when I get the picture software. So if you feel like it, check back in a couple of weeks.

I am also probably going to start a weekly blog (that daily stuff is so much work!) about life in the DC suburbs. I'm looking for a new domain. I'll keep you apprised.

That's again for you loyal readers. You were great passengers on my Paris blogging ride.

-- said Auntie M in Paris
10:46 PM



And thank YOU, Auntie M!

# posted by Ingredient Sleuth : 1:48 AM  

Thanks for the good news Auntie M! I'll keep a sharp eye out for new posts! Terry in SF

# posted by Anonymous : 2:11 AM  

I look foward to your weekly DC blog. I agree that daily blogging is hard work somedays.

Thank you for sharing wonderful Paris with us.

# posted by Melody : 4:27 AM  

so glad to see you are safe and dare i say 'home'. look forward to hearing from you soon. school starts soon eh?

# posted by sherilynn : 4:46 AM  

can't wait to read about your new life in DC!!! I hope everything's well with you and your family. I went to the Jardin yesterday and thought how great it would have been to be there with you and your kids.

# posted by irene : 9:09 AM  


We miss you Auntie.:)

# posted by Sammy : 9:40 AM  

I miss you too, Auntie! Please be sure to tell us your new web address when you start the DC blog. Who knows, maybe I'll take my husband to DC next year! :)

# posted by ViVi : 9:46 AM  

Hey M. - much luck and happiness to you and your family there in DC. My dearest friend lives in Columbia, MD and works at the Univ. of Maryland. I may just be down that way next summer. Will miss you and your wonderful Paris posts. Look forward to reading all about life in DC.

# posted by Pat : 3:05 PM  

I looked forward to your posts each morning - they filled in the time between trips to Paris. Will miss you. Good luck in DC.

# posted by maribel : 3:15 PM  

Oh, I'll miss reading about Paris from your perspective. I think you have a knack of bringing life to the mundane. Your family is so lucky.

Good luck!
Alvin from Singapore

# posted by vitrichenko : 3:35 PM  

Sad to hear you're leaving Paris, but I actually live in a DC suburb too. Are you on the Maryland side or the Virginia side? You know Paris and DC are sister cities :)

# posted by juliana : 4:06 PM  

Glad to see you got home okay. How are the children settling down?
I'll keep checking back

# posted by Anji : 4:56 PM  

Auntie M.

Remember the song on how "to keep them down on the farm after they see Paris?" I do not mean to compare DC to a farm but do wonder how you are going to readjust to American life after your years in Paris. I am certain you are going to miss Paris as much as Paris is going to miss you.

Aurevoir & bonne chance!

Frania W.

# posted by Frania W. : 7:27 PM  

thanks for the update! looking forward to reading your new blog.

# posted by kristin : 8:36 PM  

Best of luck in DC! Since we just left VA I would love to read your weekly from there. Glad you made it back to the states safely! Thanks for all your Paris info!

# posted by mommy d : 10:53 PM  

I hope that everything goes well for you in DC. I live in the area as well and have been reading your blog for quite some months now. I am sad to see the Paris blog come to an end, but am excited for you and this new chapter in your life. Best wishes!

# posted by Susan J : 7:34 AM  

thanks for the great posts! you brought back some great memories and made me a little homesick sometimes as well.

i hope all goes well in DC. look forward to hearing from you!

# posted by maryse : 7:06 PM  

Au revoir, Paris. And welcome to Washington, D.C. This area doesn't compare to the City of Lights for obvious reasons. But I do look forward to you observations and musings about my town.

# posted by Carol : 11:26 PM  

Dear Auntie M,

We moved back to the States in 2003 and while in Paris I did many of the same things as you: I belonged to Message Mother's Group, I had tea at the Embassy and "appreciated" the unusual art, I attended and later volunteered at Bloom - I wonder if we have ever met. It seems as if our paths must have crossed at some point.

Anyhow, welcome back, and prepare yourself for reverse culture shock. What you've read in the Bloom book is true - reassimilating is not as easy as one might think. Good luck in DC, and please, keep writing!

# posted by Dorothy : 5:22 AM  

Hi Auntie M,

I'm looking forward to reading about your family's adjustment from life in Paris to life in DC. I can't believe that next month it will be a year since we moved to Paris! Thanks again for your advice!

# posted by Oz : 10:02 PM  

hope you are doing well in DC ... a frequent hangout of mine ... but not enough to know which restaurants to visit in the suburbs ... or which inns to stay in or galleries to enjoy ... hope you will keep it all up since you are a first class tour guide.

# posted by Becca : 10:54 PM  

Please leep us posted when you find a new domain. My daughter used to live in northern VA and worked in DC, so I look forward to your posts about the new surroundings too.

# posted by kenju : 10:54 PM  

Oh no, I've been away for the last few weeks and wrapped up in my own fertility stuff, and now I read you're back in the US. I hope you'll keep this blog up for a while... the archives are great.

Thanks for such a great blog. Hope the re-entry is relatively smooth. I can't imagine what the culture shock will be like.


# posted by Kat : 4:39 AM  

Welcome home, Auntie. :D

I'm going to be going up to Washington myself come next May, so I really am looking forward to reading of your daily adventures in DC. You definitely won't want for readers!

I hope adjusting and getting acclimated is going well, and I hope to see the new blog soon!

# posted by Joe : 6:07 AM  

We are settling in, too! It has been hot...yes? We are loving it, and hope you are too!

# posted by Carrie : 4:13 PM  

Thank you for this great blog, Auntie.

It's been me to read it form the US.
I hope you'll keep it alive as a archive of your passage in France.

And I look forward to reading your feelings about your come back in the US and the life compare to your french experience, in your next blog.

# posted by Jerome : 6:06 PM  

Good luck being back in DC! I look forward to reading your posts again when things have settled!

# posted by Margie : 3:57 AM  

thanks for all you ve done !

# posted by negrito : 6:55 PM  

merci aunti m!
hey now we are neighbors :)
hope the hot weather goes away soon
from the north of town (burbs)

# posted by Anonymous : 4:11 PM  

Looking forward to whatever you blog! I've enjoyed my visits to your blog so much...beauty and education and vacation tours all of it! Thankyou for sharing your wonderful life via 'A Day in Paris'

# posted by Maggie Ann : 6:48 PM  

Welcome to the States.

# posted by Philip : 2:30 AM  

Oh, I miss being an american ex-pat in paris. Alas I am an ex-pat in Nottingham, which just doesn't have the same ring to it. But I'll be back.

# posted by Lauren : 1:24 AM  

I enjoyed exploring Paris through you. Your posts were great. I felt I was there myself. Loved the pictures! Hope you continue to blog about your life back in the U.S.

# posted by Bobbi : 2:29 AM  

Thank you so much for allowing us to experience Paris through your blog. I love visiting France and will be returning to Lyon in October. Your blog has given me the opportunity to vicariously live in Paris. Thanks and good luck in DC.

# posted by Brenda : 6:02 AM  

As you return to the US, there is a social group in DC that may be of interest to you: Global Nomads - Washington Area. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gnwa/links/Articles_on_Global_N_001068059741/

For anyone who has lived abroad, this group and the Global Nomad / Third Culture Kid (TCK) idea is very relevant.

# posted by Erik Yewell : 8:30 PM  

Your Paris posts were simply glorious - and I am quite certain that your DC posts will be just as wonderful. I am looking forward to them!

# posted by Michele : 6:15 PM  

aren't you ever going to write again???? we miss you ...sniff...

# posted by Louise : 10:35 AM  

Hello, Michele sent me! I'm sorry to have missed your Parisian adventures, but am sure you will have a fantastic time in DC. Amy and Jason are married and both blog about life there, if you're interested:


I am sure you will enjoy them if you check them out. I do not know either of them, but enjoy reading their sites.

# posted by Laura GF : 6:43 AM  

I was randomly searching through blogs on Michele's site and I came across yours and found myself engulfed in your blog. Thanks for sharing your time in Paris. It made me miss Europe a lot =(

Wish I would have caught you sooner!!!! I'll keep an eye out for your DC travels though!

# posted by Christi : 12:32 AM  

Paris Daily is moving, huh?
well, well...

that sounds good - exciting to know you're practically on my doorstep! if you need a makeover, let me know - you know where to find me!


# posted by mai : 1:23 PM  

Auntie M, I just found your wonderful paris blog and thank-you when I'm not feeling well I sit back with my lap top and read read your wonderful adventures.I think Auntie Mame would say Live live live.(Movie) any way I hope that you keep this up its helped through some trying times. And my dream is to go to Paris in this lifes journey.
Have a wonderful Day,
Linda in Pittsburgh

# posted by Anonymous : 10:29 PM  

Hey Auntie, we miss you !!!! tell us about your life ???

# posted by negrito : 10:22 AM  

Great news Auntie M.! Look forward to hearing more!

# posted by Antipodeesse : 3:10 PM  

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